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July 01, 2014


Todd Littleton


Thank you for the reference. I want to be clear. I do not believe this is about Hobby Lobby. I shop at Hobby Lobby, and their sister store Mardel's from time to time.

What we should be looking for is the way this cuts both ways. For instance, will HL or Conestoga declare paying their taxes to be unconstitutional as there are surely other government mandates, maybe not as directly as the AHCA, that they would object to under their state Christian beliefs?

I might quibble with your first paragraph sat some points but understand your position. I am not yet convinced this is a conversation about religious liberty while the underlying matter is a way we apply the rule of economics. At some point, Jesus will offend all of us. We must not be smug that in this ruling Jesus wins. We may learn he did not. (I did not say one way or another, just that your position and others who rise to support the decision may find it the Sword of Damocles.

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