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April 03, 2014


PJ Hannam

If Golden Gate would have given the property away because they believed God was releasing and calling elsewhere I fully support the move.

Alan Cross

Well, then there would not be a seminary anymore, so I guess that if God was calling the seminary to shut down and be no more, then I would support it too. But, that isn't the situation.

Also, I am really talking more about what happened in the past instead of the current situation. I am not there so I cannot speak to all of it and all that has gone on. It was a good place and things that happened there were good and it meant something to myself and a lot of people. Even if this is fully God's will (and I have no reason to believe that it is not), there is still a sense of grief over what was and the things that happened there in the past that were good. At least from my own perspective.

Glen Land

Alan – It would appear that you and I have at least two things in common. We both received our seminary educations at GGBTS (M.Div. Class of ’81) and we have both been influenced by Celtic Christianity. I am the senior pastor at Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church (www.RivermontAvenue.org) in Lynchburg, Virginia, where on the first Sunday of each month we do a Celtic worship service, complete with traditional Celtic instruments, readings from various Celtic Christians going back to Patrick, the prominent use of candles, and the entire worship team outfitted in monks’ robes. On Christmas Eve we do two Celtic Christmas Eve service complete with a bagpipe player before a combined attendance of around 650. I find that those Celtic traditions offer a powerful antidote to some of the corporate Christianity that my BabyBoomer generation has foisted on the church in the West. – Glen Land

Alan Cross

Glen, yes I have been influenced by it and it started in seminary days. You should check out my book. I use aspects of Celtic Christianity as an antidote to racial, economic, and political problems/divisions in the church and society and us St. Patrick as an example as to how we should approach a pagan culture. You might find it interesting. Would love to talk with you about it more sometime.

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