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February 06, 2014



Well said. Thanks for being so vulnerable.

Dave Miller

Wow. Powerful. I remember hearing about this from other bloggers long before I ever knew you, but never really heard the full story. Your transparency is unbelievable.

These days, when someone has something bad happen to them, I warn them that Christian people, for a variety of reasons, will say some incredibly stupid things to them. It is sad how often the person with the devastating life circumstance has to be the one who SHOWS grace, not just receives it.

I'm glad God is still at work!

John Stickley


I know you know this already, but our most difficult trials can become our biggest ministry opportunities. I don't mean that to be cliche or trite... just honest. I see that in this blog post. Your transparency and brutal honesty here is hugely encouraging, and I am thankful that God is working through you in this to provide lessons both for those going through the most difficult of trials imaginable and to believers trying to walk with friends going through the same.

Thanks SO much for sharing this, and by all means... keep doing so as God leads!

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