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February 12, 2014


Elizabeth DeVore

Yeah, I got a question about Michael Sam at work. I think it was along the lines of "how should Christians react?" Uh...a guy got a job? A guy got a job in a secular industry? Good for him?

As for Donald Miller, how sad and tragic is it that he connects to God more by serving than by singing? String him up by his toes--and use my guitar strings!

Alan Cross

Yeah, I see no issue with the Michael Sam thing at all, unless the Christian position is that gay people should not have jobs, which I have never heard anyone say. So, this is a non-issue.

As for Miller, I have no problem with how he connects with God. I get it completely. And, he says that he is a part of rigorous Christian community. So, why create the false dichotomy? The organic church movement has millions of adherents who do not "do church" the way that Miller is reacting against. He knows all about it. Why call just one thing "church?" I don't get the issue. I do believe that the church is to be identifiable and have some form to it, but if that is a group of believers who share certain passions for serving/doing who meet together for worship, prayer, and Scripture reading - and you call that "church," then I have no real issue with it as long as you are committed to that group of people. I do think that is important. Maybe that is Miller's real issue. Hard to tell from his two posts on the subject.

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