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December 20, 2013



I could not have said it better myself. Thanks for sharing.


Your article is trivializing homosexuality. You act as if the man said "Well, I don't think climate change exists." But no. He is publicly denouncing an entire group of people, and a group of people that is so frequently oppressed in this country. I'm not trying to compare being a person of color to being homosexual, because I know each group experiences oppression differently, but this is just as bad as denouncing any minority group in America. It is offensive, but that's not why this is such an issue. He has a right to say what he said. But the gay community also has a right to be protected as human beings and citizens of the United States. A&E has a right to control their image, and if removing this guy is what they're doing, then so be it. That is their own form of exercising the first amendment. The only people hurting here are the homosexual community, and they've been hurting for far too long. And I may not identify as a Christian, but that doesn't mean I don't respect Christianity as a religion. I do; it just pains me to see it perpetuating hate for fellow human beings.

empty words

Are you sure you shouldn't overreact, jump to conclusions and shun some one who struggles with a sin you don't understand? Actions speak louder than words.

Fred Lane

Well said!

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