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August 15, 2013



I'm really tracking with this, though I'm a bit older than you and came to the organic church philosophy later (and as a layperson).

We left our incredible SBC mega church (because everyone knew mega churches were on life support and were shallow and consumerists and...) and joined the leadership team of a non-denom to do church "the right way" in our immediate community.

Unfortunately that strong entrepreneurial missional mindset was eventually discarded for a warmed over version of seeker-sensitive when all of the organic/missional folk left and all that remains is a church without a mission in a broken community.

Meanwhile, over at the SBC mega...

• Satellite churches in mobile home parks.
• Onsite sports activities at the satellites
• Community events at church campus
• Bosnian church plant in inner city.
• Focusing youth/college toward social justice via mission focus.
• Sunday school departments living life together adopting refugee ministries in inner city.

I grew impatient with the mega after twelve years and jumped to the organic non-denom. You could argue I did the same thing when I jumped back after six years as an SBC prodigal, but nonetheless that is what we did.

We opted for a church that knew it was on mission and had the backbone of mature saints to keep it focused on Christ.

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