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April 15, 2013



well, one thought:

if the President of the United States weighed in during an on-going trial,
is it possible that the Defense could use that against the State as 'prejudicial'?

I ask because the President IS a lawyer who was once the head of the Harvard Law Review, which is not a position given to dummies . . .

if the President spoke now, and it was used the 'wrong way',
then that would be much worse than not commenting 'at this time'

maybe it's not so much shocking,
as wise, depending on how you look at it,
and what is at stake here . . . no one wants any mistakes made that could get this guy off

(I just can't get the image of the reported tiny little feet of the victims cut off and kept in jars as 'trophies' . . . that is so horrifying)


One additional thought: There is no real quote from the President in this article...He's smarter than that. That's why presidents use press secretaries. In this case, Carney's use of the word 'unsettling' is part of Carney's statement, not the President's words. Whether we like Obama's position or not, we must not put Carney's words in the President's mouth.

Alan Cross

Jay Carney speaks for the president and a WH Press Secretary is the voice of the White House. You are right. Obama did not say that himself. Good point. He said nothing and his spokesman said it was "unsettling." Not sure which is worse, though.


President Obama has spoken to multiple trials while they are going on. While it might be a good practice to stay silent, he has not stayed silent in the past. I do not expect him to do so in the future, either.

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