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March 15, 2013


Tom Hicks

Alan, I couldn't agree more with your analysis.


You should post this to Amazon as a book review.


Thank you Alan for this insightful and powerful post. It is not only correct, it is loving and filled with the glory of Jesus and the gospel.


Money quote, "His logic is tortured at this point." And, I might add, casts suspicion on the way he uses the Bible in other matters.


Grateful for you and men like Thabiti who are able to articulate, through your writings, the "wrong" of what Wilson expounds on his writings. May God help us!


thank you for this post . . .

I am fearful for the SBC if it promotes people like Wilson, without a caveat about some of his more extreme views . . .

so much has been done by the SBC to promote racial healing and to be inclusive of all races, and that work needs to be protected as something that came as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit

thank you . . . you do a service for your Church and for THE Church

Mr. Wilson stands by his comments. His followers know what he teaches. It is good that SBC folk understand what he has taught and why they should be cautious concerning him and people like him.

God Bless.

Philip H

Thanks for addressing.

Champ Rhodes

Alan, you make some salient points about the Christian history of the antebellum South. But this is the most difficult question coming from Pastor Wilson's argument:
'Virtually the entire Christian world shuns the idea of going to war over abortion. But if someone stupid (me, for instance) says something like "and so why didn't we do that with a lesser evil in 1858?" such a one is instantly and conveniently represented as a ravening orc with a tenuous grasp of historical source materials. This level of defensiveness tells me that something much deeper is going on.'
What would you say we do then, about abortion?

Jon Barlow

He makes a lot of the same distinctions you're hoping for in his latest response:


e.g., he condemns the domestic and transatlantic slave trades

Alan Cross

Thanks, Jon. Wilson seems to be backtracking a good deal in his latest post. I am glad. HIs whole position is faulty and it cannot bear up under a good debate. He has whittled it down to what would you do if in 1858 a man who inherited slaves came to you and wanted to do the right thing. Well, as a pastor, you would help him care for the slaves in his household and move toward emancipation in as loving and gracious a way as possible. Amen. But, that is a far stretch from what he advocated in his book. As for finally including the Domestic Slave Trade into his denunciation, I am glad. It is as though he forgot about that or something when he wrote his book.

Wilson needs to just abandon the whole argument. It is indefensible.


Spot on Alan!

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