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February 13, 2013


Rick Patrick


Well written and thought provoking as usual.

However, let me quibble a bit with this:

"A move against Calvinism anywhere is a move against Calvinism everywhere. To be consistent, you need to apply that nationally as well."

Our local autonomous church screens out Calvinist youth ministers. Our parents and church leaders do not want these doctrines being taught to our children. This is a move against Calvinism ANYWHERE.

To be consistent, do you believe our church should move to oppose national entities with strong Calvinist leanings? Does consistency demand that I export a local church view to our level of denominational cooperation?

Randy Brown

It grieves me that Calvinism has become an issue that divides brothers. Shame on both sides for being so prideful to think they have it all figured out


It grieves me that we are even having this discussion at all. Today, I saw a man at the store today who is dying of AIDS. He can barely breathe. I asked him if he knew Jesus and he said yes....there are many who would have said no. Do we think that this man is concerned about whether I was of the Calvinist theology or not? He needed Jesus' care and concern. I gave it to him. He didn't ask about my theological leanings before he talked to me.

Why do we squabble over such unimportant things when there are DYING people all around who could care less what theology we hold. We are spending time in seminaries and other institutions worrying about arguing a theology MAN has created and people are dying all around us.

Love God. Love Others. Very simple!
I John 3:17-18


P.S. I think for anyone to follow any "man's theology" other than Jesus' is going against everything scripture teaches us. Calvin was flawed like the rest of us as was every other theologian. Let's get off this Calvin thing and start living as Jesus taught!

Tom Hicks

Great post Alan. Much appreciated.

Rick McDonald

From what I can understand from those who are there or have been there the "Calvininsts" were teaching their classes and not looking to be divisive. It seems that the problem began with those who oppose calvinism. I agree that evangelism is important but so is doctrine. God gave us 66 books of it to study and learn. If doctrine isn't important why have LC? As to man's theology, Jesus taught quite a bit about God's sovereignty in salvation in the book of John. What grieves me the most is how Christian brothers treat each other over differences in doctrine.

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