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February 28, 2013


Dave Miller


Jm Torrey

Good stuff Dave. At my church I am one of three non-ruling elders. Two Cs and one A. We have great conversations (many of them public to church members) and these have set a wonderful example of true unity in the Spirit. This freedom of to ask questions and discuss is really taking us a long way.

Stories like yours really make me wonder if the on-line explosions have been the result of poor spirit or poor online communication skills. Either way, God bless.


Super good stuff... thanks.

Bob Cleveland

Man I could go on forever about this. First, Calvinism advocates, and whatever-the-other-side is called, can get along fine when both sides want to. And I think the "want to" is where the current standoff in the SBC stems from.

Second, either view is compatible with the BF&M, so there's no reason there's not room in the tent for everybody.

Also, I think someone is going to make a move to narrow the BF&M to move away from allowance for Calvinism. I figure it'd be next year; not while Fred Luter is in office.

And then, Jesus told us we were to have unity in the body. He also said that if we didn't come to Him like little children, we wouldn't even get to see the Kingdom. So ... I figure our unity MUST be based on something a little child can understand. So if we're going to base it on whether someone is a Calvinist, we've elevated something other than Jesus to a position it ought not to have.

Wish I'd been there for the discussion.

Philip H

Theologies fail when they do not know their own limits. How we can take little glimmers of light (i.e. glimpses of God's truth) and turn them into hammers of rightness to destroy has always baffled me.

Many disciples have tried to keep the children (and other folk) away from Jesus--while employing His name.

Jeremy Myers

Where are more churches like this?

I believe that the discussion went as it did because you have modeled grace and patience over the years. All to often, theological debates lack grace and patience.

Ted Jones

"For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous." Rom. 2:13 So much for the merit of Calvinism.

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