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January 22, 2013


Jason Watson

I will check this bible out. The meta-narrative of the Scriptures is so important to teach God's people because it empowers their own Bible reading. So many believers have to wait until Sunday morning or Wednesday night to gain understanding of God's plans and purposes according to His Word, but when they come to understand the structure of God's redemptive story found in the Bible they can then connect the dots on their own.

Wright's book can be daunting for people with limited time and theological training. If anyone's interested, a book I've used to teach small groups about God's story that I think is very approachable is "God's Big Picture" by Vaughan Roberts.

Alan Cross

Good thoughts, Jason. I agree that Wright's book can be daunting. Thanks for the other resource. Wright wrote another one that is more approachable called The Mission of God's People.


Josee Dallaire

hi I would like to know if The Mission of God study Bible has introduction pages for each book of the Bible?

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