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November 19, 2012


Steve Martin

I think you are right on the money.

"The gospel is the power of God..." Romans 1:16

We have the honor and burden (sometimes) to bring this saving Word to all whom we come into contact with.

The great thing about it is, that it doesn't depend on us. But that Word will accomplish that for which it sets forth to do.


Bob Cleveland

You are absolutely spot-on, Alan. Frankly, it seems to me that most of the times I hear this preached, the conclusions the preacher reaches are the aims he wants his congregations to fulfill, perhaps in response to what he sees as his failures in motivating them.

I've heard Matthew 28:19-20 interpreted as telling everyone they should go on a foreign mission trip so many times I could scream! Particularly from someone whose job is overseas church planting.


Alan, I think you are forgetting that America is the New Israel, so Jerusalem has to be somewhere on this side of the world....

In all seriousness, I completely agree. Trying to make that verse say something that it doesn't is just bad exegetics.

Alan Cross

Bob, you and I heard this sermon preached last week. But, I have thought about this for some time now and have mentioned it to my church. We are already at the ends of the earth! What are we waiting for? It is a great privilege to be able to travel elsewhere and to help the gospel move to unreached people groups. We should all be involved in that too. But, gospel mission is for every believer wherever they are - not just for those who are specially called.

Last night at our Thanksgiving Dinner, we had people from Malaysia, Korea, Iran, Jamaica, Brazil, Africa, and from other countries as well. We also had white, black, Hispanic, and Korean present at our church all day. One of our men called Gateway the "church at the ends of the earth" because it was here that the nations were gathering together. I think he is right and I think that this is what God has in mind.

Karen Golson

Great perspective Pastor. It is frightening to me how easily we put ourselves at the center of everything....very convicting.

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