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September 19, 2012




Mike Chitwood

I have tried and prefer Billy Graham's approach, which is to use politics to point back to Jesus. He does this by rarely speaking against or for a political issue. He does not endorse a candidate or political party either. I have tried this but he obviously is the Master at it because in reality politics is NOT the answer. Jesus Christ is always the answer.

Tom Hicks

Amen Alan. This is a timely word.

Roger D Duke


I think the words of John Newton from another blog might be worth posting here. Enjoy, and this should fuel the fire of thought:



Alan Cross

Roger, that is a good word from John Newton. There is a kind of politics that we should all avoid - partisan wranglings and controversies. But, even Newton encouraged Wilberforce to use his position to stand against slavery. THAT is the kind of political involvement that I am talking about. No, it is not on the level of the gospel. But, as a vocation and as a functioning of Christians in the world and marketplace, it seems as necessary as the farmer working his fields and the businessman tending his company.

Steve Martin

Politics is great and we should all do our part.

But it never ought be tied to the gospel or a certain political party.

And it should never come from the pulpit unless it is used as an example of how there are NO saviors out there other than THE Savior.



ALAN, thank you for this

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