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June 15, 2012


Dave Miller

The guy sounds a little suspicious to me.

Jeremy Parks

If I could be at the convention, I'd vote for Dave.

David Rogers

Me too, Jeremy. Hopefully more people who think like us will actually be there.



Alan Cross

Well, guys, spread the word to those that you know will be there and recommend Dave. It is pretty late in the game, but Dave's candidacy going viral over the next few days can only help. I love to see guys like Dave in SBC leadership. You know that you can trust that he will represent all Southern Baptists well.

An Outsider

I agree with the first comment--he sounds suspicious to me. I've known him for quite awhile and think he may be simply looking for personal glory. I probably should note that I'm his older brother by 18 mos. Luckily, I got the looks.

Brent Hobbs

Great news!

Another Messenger

Great news! I am very excited to vote for Dave Miller for 2nd VP!

Dave Miller

The idea that my brother got the looks in the family is ludicrous.

Michael Crane

Nice endorsement. As one supported by the Cooperative Program, thank you to Alan and Dave for your desire to cooperate for the sake of the Great Commission and your support of the Cooperative Program.

Drew Wales

ha ha... dave. i almost ran to your defense, then i realized you posted the comment.

Jared Moore

Alan, I think Dave has also been the President of the Iowa Baptist Convention. It might be good to include this in your nomination speech? I think you've done a great job here though, and made a great case for why Dave will make a great 2nd Vice President.

Alan Cross

He has, Jared. From 2002-2004 Dave was president of the Iowa state convention. Thanks for the head's up on that. I will add that in.

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