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February 02, 2012


Gary Snowden

I resonate strongly with what you've written here, Alan. I shared some related thoughts in the most recent edition of our church's senior adult newsletter, which is also posted on my blog.


By not providing someone from the 'A' Team for a Presidential candidate, it is fair for the nation to assume that the Republican Party, for all of it's criticisms of Obama, has conceded the battle before the battle has begun.

The contrast between the depth of what has been thrown at Obama (birther stuff, baby-killer, on and on) and
the lack of real solid effort to defeat him politically . . .

Did people think all they had to do was to slander the man for the voters of this country to see it their way?

Didn't work, did it?

P Hannam

I personally don't think there was a significant movement on the ground that was either brought to life nor ended. The people Jerry Falwell termed "The Moral Majority" existed before him and existed after--whether or not they are called anything. The people that care about the issues identified with "The Religious Right" are not confined to the "group" identfied as the RR. And white Evangelicals were and are diverse both in their political allegiances and voting patterns.

To me the "Religious Right" was largely myth born out of a marriage of the media wanting the story and a group of leaders who were happy to go along with being identified as having a massive following.


The christian right in american politics is a joke. During the eight years of Republican Bush what was done about abortion and homosexuality? Absolutely nothing. What we got was war mongering, a terrific national debt, tax breaks for the rich and the patriot act which took away more of our rights. When will you people finally see that our hope is in Christ and not our government?

Charles Barnes Sr

It is good to see someone finally get it. We were never called to spend so much time and energy trying to reshape American politics at the expense of trying to win people to Jesus Christ. I have watched for 30 years the Christian activism for Republicans while seeing the same individuals never witness by tract distribution or door-to-door evangelism. I am always reminded of an old quote, "For every 1,000 men chopping at the branches of evil, there is 1 man chopping at the roots." 30 years of chopping at branches has only weakened America and its churches...lets get back to chopping at the roots.

Ray S


I share your sentiment, but would like to provide this for consideration:

Main reasons for Moral Majority Failure:
1. Dualism that comes from a separation of the secular and spiritual. This, of course, is a minor form of gnosticism. The reformers (from which worldview God employed to fashion our national freedom today) would have none of that. For them, all of life comes under the influence of Scripture. The idea that all we need to do is get people saved and stop worrying about the rest has good intentions but falls short of the full meaning of the Great Commission.

2. Antinomianism. The Moral Majority was by-in-large dispensational and often fundamental, where there was (and is) a curious rejection of God's Law as still binding on the believer today yet a imposition of what we (they) think is important. In reality, if you're going to tell other's how to live, you have to have a robust theology to support an objective Law that applies to believers and unbelievers alike.

3. Pessimistic Eschatology. As one writer put it, 'How can you motivate people to get out and work for a political cause if you also tell them that they cannot be successful in their efforts? How can you expect to win if you don't expect to win? How can you get men elected if you tell the voters that their votes cannot possibly reverse society's downward drift into Satan's kingdom?"

Thankfully, there is a new Christian movement (that is actually pulling from Reformation Theology) that will have much better success because it's based upon God's Law and a Biblical, presuppositional epistemology and an optimistic eschatology. I just pray it gains some strides before my kids have to see all this mess.

I enjoy your posts.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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