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March 21, 2011



Thank you for this post.
At the ending of every service in our Church, we are told:
'go, you are sent forth
to love and serve the Lord'

. . . I think this has truly been the 'mission' of all Christian people of all time, to be sent out into a world that desperately needs Our Saving Lord and His love.

Les Puryear


I think one possibility is that we did too good of a job in teaching our people to give to missions. For years and years, we taught them they could participate in missions by giving to LM and AA so that missionaries could do the work of missions.

This was the mantra until recently (within last 15-20 years) when we began to encourage our people not only to give but to go.

We taught them for 100 years to give and they would go. We created that mindset and it's going to take a while to change that mindset.


Alan Cross

Les, I hear you and I think thats part of it. But, I really think its more than that. I would suggest that much of the giving is missions by proxy in that we give so others do what we dont think is required of us. It is possible for us to feel good about our walk with the Lord while caring nothing for our neighbor. Why is that? Ill be discussing that in my next post on this.
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Awesome post. Best description of "missional" I have heard in quite some time.

The "missional" that you accurately describe here represents a shift in paradigm that is easy to talk about but uncomfortable to live out for so many established church-goers.


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