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November 09, 2009



I am (West-)German, with half of my family in the East, and a father who could not visit his home town Schwerin for many many years, because he had left it in a sort of semi-legal manner just before the borders were closed.

The iron curtain had quite some impact on my family and myself.

Around 1989, we were aware of the prayer meetings, and I remember how I thought how politically subversive it was to get together like that. Today, as a christian, I do see a different component as well: It was not only subversive, the prayer was probably even effective.

Yet I think that the fact that the "iron curtain" came down had more reasons than peaceful demonstrations (Alan Nothnagle, if I understand him correctly, seems to make that connection). There was a lot more going on, politically and economically.

It`s tempting to romanticize. Its equally tempting though to forget the prayers in Leipzig. So thanks for posting, Alan!

Antje (born 1966)


PS: Hurray for Caelan! So glad! Fully understand what a relief this must be, once more. Blessings to all of you.

Alan Cross

Great to hear from you, Antje! It has been a while. I hope that you are well.

I agree with you completely that there were other factors involved. I do not intend to romanticize this, but only desire to point out that prayer and the work of Christians was a precipitating factor in the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. The events in Romania also were sparked by Christians. This is an unknown story among Christians in the West, for the most part, and it is very encouraging. But, you are right - other events were occurring as well. But, that is all God's design too, isn't it? He is so wise.

Thank you for the kind words and prayers for our son, Caelan. We are so blessed and grateful to God!


Yeah, I expected you`d see the greater picture as well; it just says so clearly in the text that prayer brought down the wall. You know, I`ve been a translator for such a long time now, I weigh each and every word (even the texts on shampoo bottles).
And I do see what you`re pointing at! Thanks for these posts (and the other ones as well).

Yes, its been a while that I wrote a comment, but I am a very regular customer :-).

Many greetings from rainy Holland,

Alan Cross

Thank you for that insight. Yes, I can see where I answered my question by only saying "prayer." Good point. Clearly, there were other factors and I oversold my answer as being the singular one. Maybe a better way to say that would be to point to prayer and the role of Christians as an igniting spark. You can see that in Germany and Romania. My post from today points to that. But, yes, there were many political, social, and economic factors that went along with the spiritual.

Thank you for causing me to clarify. That was a very helpful insight! This is why I need an editor! :)



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