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June 24, 2009


Grady Bauer

Thanks for the excellent coverage...I'm hopeful that the change you sense is true and will last beyond this week. I hope our best days are ahead of us.


Great comments! Very concise and helpful!

Big Daddy Weave

I enjoyed the video about the church in Midland that is reaching out to homosexuals. If I remember correctly, that church distinguished between those engaged in homosexual behavior and those affected by homosexuality (aka same-sex sexual attraction). That's an important distinction that should be made.

Meanwhile, your resolution on sexuality doesn't make that distinction. Instead, the Sexuality resolution described homosexuality as a lifestyle. But homosexuality refers to a type of sexual orientation/attraction. The resolution should have been more careful with its words.

Similarly, that same statement makes the claim that certain legislation will criminalize religious BELIEF. That's a lie. The right to belief is absolute. I have the right to believe in God and no governmental authority can restrict that right. Similarly, the folks you minister to in India have the right to believe or not believe. Belief is absolute. Religious action is not absolute. I can't smoke pot and call it the Eucharist. Religious speech is not absolute. I can't threaten to kill someone in the name of God, etc. But the soul is and has always been free - regardless of our location - to believe in whatever we so please. Apparently the folks who drafted that resolution didn't get the memo - a memo that has been repeatedly stressed by many of our Founding Fathers throughout history, most prominently Thomas Jefferson.

josh hall

Thanks so much for your running commentary of the convention. It is a HUGE blessing to those of us who couldn't be there!

Dave Miller

Alan, I am in Montana on a mission trip with my church. I have read Baptist Press and several blogs, but your analysis of the convention has been the best I have read. Thanks for the work you have done!


Unfortunately BDW, the "memo" is not so cut and dry. We already have seen in other countries pastors put in jail for stating that homosexuality is a sin. To say that it can not happen here in the United States while optimistic, is simply looking through rose colored glasses. The founders, including Thomas Jefferson, would have been shocked and dismayed at how far we have removed God from both public and private life. And I say this with full knowledge that most of our founders were Deistic at best.

With regards to the resolution and the corresponding legislation let me say this. Does this legislation criminalize religious belief? No it does not. However, does this legislation start down a dangerous slope where simply calling a lifestyle a sin becomes a criminal or civil issue? Most defiantly yes.

As for Brother Alan Cross, I want to thank you for your efforts in keeping the blogging world informed of what was going on at SBC2009. Hopefully your views of the "torch being passed" comes to true fruition.


Darren Casper

Good work this week Alan...thanks so much

See you in India



Thank you for your reflections on the convention. I was there, but your thoughts often helped me to see other things I've missed.

Andrew jones

Well said, alan

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