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March 06, 2008


Kevin Bussey


That is such great news. Prayer does work!

Wayne Smith




You and Your Family have been a Blessed Witness for God in all of this since Caelan was first diagnosed with cancer a bout 2 years ago.
You and Your Family will always be in our Prayers because of who you are and who you represent, Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. Your Blogging Posts and Comments always refect the Love of Jesus.

In His Name

Rick Boyne

Praise the Lord!!!

A S Hodel



Amen. God is good to us, all the time.

Lisa Wade

YEAH!!!!!!! This is so wonderful. We are so thankful and we know how relieved you both must be. Praise the Lord! I'm sorry y'all had to go through such a scare. Now you can relax and concentrate on helping Caelan recover from the surgery.



This is just awesome. Our church was praying for Caelan and your family just last night. Thanks for the call. We are overwhelmed with joy!



God truly heard and answered our request!!!! We will have a Hallelujah party on Sunday! We just thought you preached with fire last Sunday. I think I will have the fire hoses ready for this Sunday!!! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!




We are neighbors of the Wade family and have been praying for your boy. I specifically prayed yesterday for God to perform a miracle in Caelan just like He did in their child! So glad to hear the good news you received today!! Enjoy this special time with your family.

Christy Marshall

Bart Barber


steve wright

All I could do was cry and then Amy started to cry. We love you guys.
Pastor Steve Wright

Guy Muse

Just this morning I was praying for Caelan and now this evening I read that God has indeed graciously heard all our prayers. To Him be the Glory.

Greene Family

Praise God! As others have stated: Caelan and the rest of your family have constantly been in our prayers. For healing, and strength. We are overjoyed to hear the latest news.

John Stickley

Awesome news!


Hallelujah !!

We will continue to pray for Calean, that he will grow to be a strong man of God like his father.

Charles & Sonya

Gary Cardwell

I REJOICE WITH YOUR FAMILY. I know there have been prayers lifted from around the world. Include Gadsden, Alabama in that as well. PRAISE THE LORD . . . PRAISE HIM. Gary Cardwell (Carol's husband)

Dorcas Hawker


Debra Kenney

That's so awesome. Praise the Lord!


Rejoicing in Manila, Philippines.

deborah bradfield

Hello Cross family,
We (PCF believers in Atlanta area) are grateful and join you in rejoicing for excellent health to be God's portion for your wonderful little son.
In our prayer time last week one of our ladies said she saw Caelan as a man praying and releasing healing to people and that he would speak and it would be soothing to others who were in need. What a great hope we can have because our Father speaks to us and we can picture it like this.
We celebrate this victory along side you and thank our awesome God!!!!!He is a good God and He does not work evil in this life.
We are thrilled to hear Caelan can now recover and live a life being healthy and well.
Many Blessings to you and your family!!!!!!!
Thanks again God. We are in awe of you and are wow-ed by the touch of your hand like this. We hope to see more miracles every day where we can give you the praise, honor, and glory.
I look forward to meeting you one day soon.
In His Kingdom,
Deborah Bradfield


Great news. We have a great God.
Happy in Holland

The Morris Family

He is our Healer....We praise Him and rejoice with you!


Great news, and an answer to prayer. God is so good.

Micah Fries

It's been a while since I was this excited about answered prayer. Praise the Lord!

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