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July 05, 2006


a brother in Christ who went on the Waveland Trip

Amen to what Allen what saying here, God is really working, and it was such a blessing to be able to do the Lord's will and just love people and share the Gospel with them. I agree what Allen said that people from everywhere are Gospel sensitive not just the people from this hurricance-devasted city, Waveland,MS. To confirm this, We were on our way back from Waveland, and we stopped at a Waffle House. And this lady came up to me asking us who we were and what church we go to, and then she just poured out her heart to me totally unexpectedly. I listened to her and just tried to point her to Jesus Christ in the middle of her hard time. I pray that God will bless me with the opportunity to share to love Him and His people more, and be able to share Him. Praise God for this blessing to go do His will. Thank you Lord. - Chris Pughsley, a brother in Christ and team member of the Waveland trip

David Rogers

My Dad (Adrian Rogers) was pastor at Waveland Baptist Church when he was a student at New Orleans Seminary. My family was saddened to hear that Waveland, for all practical purposes, had been "wiped from the map." I am grateful for the work you all are doing there, and that the legacy of ministering God's love in the name of Jesus is able to continue on in Waveland.

Rick Mellinger

Alan and team,

Glad you all could get down there in such a large group! When John, Clarke, and I went, we delivered pods and prayed with some folks and really wanted to stay longer to make a greater impact, but didn't have the horsepower this trip had! God is working down there and the people we did meet were so happy that someone was doing SOMETHING for them...many feel forgotten, although God never forgets them...sometimes people just need reminding, as do we all from time to time. Beth and I are happy to be home and resettled, but miss you all there -- God Bless this mission and your future efforts in the Gulf! Peace.

Kevin Bussey

Great work Alan. I'm still praying for you.

Bob Cleveland

Alan... our church has sent several teams to Bay Vista. They've de-mudded and then stripped out interiors, sprayed for mildew, etc. I think there have been 3 or 4 trips so far, and my son, grandson and granddaughter have all gone.

Something pretty special about that work.

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